Via National Geographic, what appears to be one of the largest underground lakes in the world was discovered a few months ago in Budapest. It is a thermal lake that once heated a turkish bath. Scuba divers have begun exploring the pitch blackness.


You fools! What madness have you unleashed upon us all?! That galleon was buried for a reason!

Via National Geographic, Climatologists are shocked at new evidence of ice nucleating bacteria affecting weather patterns for their own benefit.


Park Slope was the source of all of Lovecraft’s horror! Here is where he lived with his future ex-wife.

H.P. Lovecraft spent his formative writing years in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights. From a thoroughly researched Brooklyn Eagle feature story:

W. Paul Cook, H.P. Lovecraft’s old friend and sometimes publisher, summed it best in memorial: “To the very end of his days he hated New York with a consuming passion. I mean the city itself, not the many good friends he had there. But it took the privations, trials and testing fires of New York to bring his best to the surface.”

Sleepy Hollow, Ukraine

ukraineThere are still dark, atavistic places in the world, like this gloomy Ukrainian village.


gloomI just got to play Gloom tonight at InkNerd‘s house. You can probably tell from his blog, he and his wife are really cool. The game was fun — it was like someone made a card game out of Edward Gorey’s The Ghaslycrumb Tinies. And sometimes when we maimed or killed people off, we made up little poems or stories!


Edward Gorey has entire blogs devoted to him, so I won’t say more except that later I’m going to review the scary children’s mysteries of John Bellairs, whose books were originally illustrated by Gorey.

The Complete Persepolis


I had no idea Persepolis was a story of war and terror. From the commercials for the animated movie, I thought it was just about being a girl in Iran. It is, but her girlhood coincided with the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. She manages to tell a story simultaneously from a child’s and an adult’s perspective making it by turns funny and tragic. The characters (her actual family) are very memorable. It is bittersweet, funny, and full of love and despair and I can recommend this book to pretty much everyone.