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Via Reuters,

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – Nepali police have recovered a mysterious consignment of parts of human skulls packed in bags in southeast Nepal near the border with India, police said on Wednesday.

The seizure of 168 pieces of skulls carved like bowls was made late on Tuesday at Kakarvitta, 275 km (172 miles) southeast of Kathmandu, on the border with India.


“During our regular border patrol we found three abandoned bags. They were full of human skulls,” police official Yadav Dhakal said.


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ukraineThere are still dark, atavistic places in the world, like this gloomy Ukrainian village.

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eruvmap1A secret (or little-known) boundary line runs around my apartment and surrounds the neighborhoods around Prospect Park. It is the boundary of the Park Slope Eruv, which allows Jews limited travel on the Sabbath, as long as they stay within the eruv. The boundaries for eruvs were traditionally the physical fences surrounding all the courtyards in a Jewish neighborhood, but they are now commonly demarcated by wires suspended from utility poles and lightposts, which means you’d never know you were in an eruv unless you knew what to look for. The Congregation B’nai Jacob on 9th street maintains the Park Slope Eruv and members of the congregation check each week before the Sabbath to see that the boundary is intact and that Jews can travel.

I love the idea of a gigantic pentagram drawn under my town protecting me from evil. That’s not what an eruv is, but I still like the idea.

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Austrians have the interesting custom of dressing up as Krampus (a pre-Christian goat-devil) the day before St. Nicholas’ Day and roaming the reighborhoods menacing naughty children with sticks. I’d like to see someone try this custom in the American South!

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