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The Tenoumer Crater lies far from any inhabited place. Try zooming out on the linked map to see how hard it would be to visit this crater. Was this an ancient alien city, blasted from space by rival intelligences? If so, does any artifact remain to be discovered?


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Via National Geographic, what appears to be one of the largest underground lakes in the world was discovered a few months ago in Budapest. It is a thermal lake that once heated a turkish bath. Scuba divers have begun exploring the pitch blackness.

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You fools! What madness have you unleashed upon us all?! That galleon was buried for a reason!

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People and animals buried alive as sacrifices during the construction of the Temple of the Moon in Teotihuacan. (OK, no more Mexican stories!)

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An unusual temple. Maybe they were worshipping … ‘different’ gods.

“The pyramid’s proportions, along with smaller structures that were painted black and white, do not correspond to the Toltec or Teotihuacan cultures of the same area and time period. “

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Fantastic story of ancient horror involving underwater temples in flooded caverns, ancient human sacrifices to old gods, and the realization that ‘the old legends are true!!!’.

“The ancient legend—described in part in the sacred book Popul Vuh—tells of a tortuous journey through oozing blood, bats, and spiders, that souls had to make in order to reach Xibalba, the underworld.”

A link in the article goes to another National Geographic story of Mexican ‘cenotes’ used as sacrificial pits. Cenotes are openings in the ground that reveal massive underground rivers running hundreds of miles through Mexico.

“Live victims were thrown into the sacred cenote at Chichén Itzá, a major Maya city, on the premise that, as sacrifices to the gods, they would not die—even though they were never seen again. I scanned the slick limestone walls, and my heart pounded, feeling their terror. “

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