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Twin Peaks Soap Opera

I just finished watching all of Twin Peaks. I also watched the Twin Peaks movie “Fire Walk With Me”, which disappointed me in the same way as the Matrix sequels, explaining mysteries that were better left unexplained. When I finally get back to Call of Cthulhu or some other Pulp RPG, Twin Peaks (the TV show) is going to be my template. Twin Peaks made me understand how important soap opera elements are in my favorite stories. I never thought of myself as a soaps fan, but after watching Twin Peaks I looked up Soap Opera Digest, and found that their editors are tracking the latest developments on Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Lost, even Stargate: Atlantis!

I then discovered Soap, the Soap Opera RPG. It is diceless and involves plot tokens, which again pushes me away from CoC and more in the direction of Pulp RPGs I’ve mentioned before like Savage Worlds and Spirit of the Century.


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